26 Foods That Start With X

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X isn’t just for xylophone, we have compiled a list of foods that start with X. This list of 26 foods beginning with X is full of interesting foods from around the globe.

The words Foods that start with X.


Foods beginning with X

We’ve made lists of foods that begin with Y and W but today we are exploring foods beginning with X. There are actually more than you probably think, however, most might not sound familiar. Many of them are foods from around the world and there is everything ranging from different kinds of fruit to curry.

So if you are wondering what foods start with X, keep reading to learn all about these interesting things.

1. Xigua

Xigua is a melon that is found in Africa. It’s also known as a watermelon in other countries. This melon has either a bright red or orange flesh. It’s sweet, delicious and full of nutrients.

2. Xylocarp

Xylocarp is actually a type of fruit with a hard, woody outer shell like a coconut.

3. Xoi

This is a Vietnamese dish that means “sticky rice”. It’s a popular breakfast and snack dish made of rice and other ingredients. It can be prepared savory with beans and eggs or made sweet for dessert.

4. Xinomavro Grapes

Xinomavro grapes are known to be a wonderful grape to make wine. These grapes originate in Macedonia and are one of our favorite x foods.

5. Xiaolongbao

Xiao long bao are dumplings or steamed buns in Chinese soup. These dumplings are prepared in a steaming basket called a xiaolong which give them their name.

Xiaolongbao typically has a pork filling. They can be filled with other things like crab meat, shrimp, or a vegetarian filling.

6. Xoconostle

Did you know that xoconostles are really prickly pears? This cactus fruit has a sour taste and can be used for jellies, soups, many Mexican dishes and other recipes. This fruit is a must try on the list of foods that start with X.

7. Xavier Steak

Xavier steak is a dish mad of steak that is topped with asparagus and melted Swiss cheese. It was named after Saint Francis Xavier who was a Spanish missionary in the 16th century. Sounds delicious!

8. Xavier Soup

Xavier soup is a traditional Italian soup and like the steak, it’s named for Saint Francis Xavier. It’s often served on December 3 which is Saint Xavier’s day.

This is a simple soup that has a thick, hearty consistency and made with dumplings and a chicken broth.

9. Xiangjiao

Xiangjiao is the Chinese word for banana. Bananas are a popular fruit that is actually considered a berry. It may be surprising to know that most bananas are grown in India, however, most of the bananas we consume are grown in Central and South America.

Xiangjiao are sweet and so tasty. They can be used for things like banana pudding, pies and ice cream.

10. Xiphias

Xiphias is another fish on our list of foods beginning with X. Xiphias is actually the word for swordfish in Greek. It’s super tender and a delicious fish to eat.

11. Ximenia

Ximenia are fruit from the Ximenia or tallow wood tree. The fruit can be eaten raw but is also used for juices, jams and more.

12. Xylitol

If you’ve have had diet sodas or some types of gum, you’ve probably had Xylitol.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute for many low-calorie, diet foods. It’s made from extracted fibers from plants like corn husks, birch tree bark and some berries.

One thing to note is while it’s safe for humans to consume, xylitol is deadly for cats and dogs.

13. X-mas cookies

Ok, it’s debatable if this is a true food that starts with X but we are going to just go with it.

X-mas cookies or Christmas cookies, are a tradition around the holiday season. There are many different shapes and flavors, like gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and these fruitcake cookies, that can be baked and served for some holiday cheer.

14. Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is actually a stabilizer and thickening agent that is added to some foods to help prevent ingredients from separating. You can find it in things like salad dressings and different types of sauces.

Xanthan gum is also used for gluten-free baking as a natural binder.

15. Xacuti

Xacuti or Xacutti is a curry that’s made in India. It’s a spicy curry with a little hint of sweetness.

Made with dried red chilis, poppy seeds, and coconut, this curry is often used in chicken recipes.

16. Xanthia

Xanthia is a X food, or in this case drink, that would be worth tasting. It’s a cocktail made with cherry brandy, gin, and yellow chartreuse. Xanthia is also happens to be the name of a Greek Goddess.

17. Xouba

Xouba’s are small sardines that can be found off the coast of Spain. Young xoubas can be found canned in oil and are used in a variety of European dishes.

18. Xnipec

This hot, chunky salsa is prepared with fresh vegetables and habanero peppers. Perfect served with tortilla chips or use to top fish or chicken.

19. Xia Mi

Xia mi is another X food that we get from China. “Small shrimp” or “rice shrimp” is the translation for Xia mi.

These small dried shrimp are used in many recipes and treated like a topping, or condiment to add umami flavor.

20. Xalapa Punch

Having a party? Why not serve some xalapa punch. This alcoholic punch is made with tea, rum, red wine, and brandy. Serve cold over ice for a flavorful beverage.

21. Xo Sauce

This is a sauce that originated in Hong Kong. It’s a very spicy, seafood based sauce that is often served with seafood to add flavor. The sauce itself is a mixture of chili peppers, scallops, ham, and garlic.

22. Xilacayota Squash

Xilacayota squash originates in South America in the Andean region. This small squash is typically used before it’s fully ripe. It’s a winter squash that’s harvested in early August. Xilacayota is used in stews, soups and other dishes.

23. Xampinyons En Salsa

Contrary to the name, this isn’t your chips and salsa you are familiar with. This is made up of mushrooms flavored with herbs, seasonings, garlic, sherry, and tomato puree.

24. Xidoufen

Xidoufen is a popular soup dish in the Chinese province of Yunnan. It’s made with boiled pea meal with ginger, onion, chili flakes, garlic and pepper oil. Xidoufen is also typically served with a flatbread.

25. Xingren Donfu

Xingren donfu you might find as a dessert in Beijing, China. It’s a gelatin type, soft dessert that’s made with sugar, gelatin and almond milk.

26. Xigua Popsicles

We are ending this list of x foods with the watermelon we started with. These delicious popsicles are made from frozen xigua fruit. Slices of xigua melon with a popsicle stick inserted are frozen to make a tasty popsicle.

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Foods that start with X.
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Foods That Start With X

By Heather
List of foods beginning with X.
Prep: 5 minutes
Total: 5 minutes
Servings: 1


  • Xigua
  • Xylocarp
  • Xoi
  • Xinomavro Grapes
  • Xia Long Bao
  • Xoconostle
  • Xavier Steak
  • Xavier Soup
  • Xalapa Punch
  • Xiangjiao
  • Xiphias
  • Ximenia
  • Xylitol
  • X-mas Cookies
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Xacuti
  • Xanthia
  • Xouba
  • Xnipec
  • Xia Mi
  • Xo Sauce
  • Xilacayota Squash
  • Xampinyons En Salsa
  • Xidoufen
  • Xingren Donfu
  • Xigua Popsicles


  • Pick your favorite X food to try.



Calories: 10kcal

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
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