About Me

Hi there! My name is Heather, I am the cook, writer, photographer and of course, eater of Food Lovin’ Family.  I am a proud mama of 3 little loves, Ava, Major, and Elle.  My husband Jay, is my food critic. He will try anything I make and gives it the thumbs up or down. I started this blog because I love to experiment in the kitchen. It has become my creative outlet in life.

A woman standing in kitchen with a bowl.

I grew up in Virginia and attended Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) where I met my husband. After living all over the country, we have settled down in Utah.

A woman standing by an air fryer.

Love from the kitchen

I grew up in the kitchen and I don’t mean just cooking. The kitchen is where my family likes to hang out. We cook, we eat, we talk, we eat…you get the picture. We are all “emotional” eaters and  in my family food is love and I hope to share some of the recipes that we love.

My goal is to provide simple, delicious recipes that your family can prepare and share with each other.

Food Lovin’ Family has been featured by Parade, BuzzFeed, CountryLiving, Woman’s Day, MSN, and more.

A Few of My Favorite Recipes

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