41 Foods That Start With H

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Curious about foods that start with H? Everything from ham to hyacinth beans, this is a fun list to reference.

Hot dog, ham, hash browns, hamburger.


There are sure to be some things you recognize and some you may not know on this comprehensive list of H foods. From honey to hyacinth beans, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out our E, W and Y lists.

Foods That Start With H

1. Halibut

Halibut is classified as a flatfish with a firm white texture. If someone you know is not a fish eater this is a great fish to suggest because of its mild flavor, similar in flavor to tilapia. It is a good source of protein, potassium and vitamin D. Halibut’s mild flavor lends itself to being paired with bold seasonings.

2. Herring

Herring is a small silvery fish that resides in the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. It has been classified as a “superfish by the FDA because it contains fatty acids that aid in preventing heart disease and maintaining brain function. The herring has flaky mild meat and oil, a three ounce serving contains twenty grams of protein. This fish is often pickled, smoked or fried.

3. Honey

Honey is a sweet viscous food made by honeybees. The bees produce the honey from the floral nectar of different plants and then store it in wax structures known as honeycombs. Honey can be harvested from wild bee colonies or the hives of domesticated bees. It’s often used as a replacement for sugar in recipes, getting its sweetness from the produced fructose and glucose extracted from the nectar. The average hive will produce approximately sixty five pounds of honey a year. Honey is graded by color and is suitable for long term storage. We love using it in the Honey Cinnamon Butter.

4. Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin sauce is a thick, dark, fragrant sauce used in Chinese cuisine as a meat glaze, in stir fries, and as a dipping sauce. It is made from soybeans, flour, sugar, water, spices, garlic, and chili and is often called Chinese barbeque sauce. The sauce has a sweet and salty taste and is high in sodium. Hoisin sauce is often used as a table condiment.

5. Hearts Of Palm

This is a vegetable that is harvested from the inner core of the cabbage palm tree. Hearts of palm are light, healthy, with a mild flavor, and a slightly crunchy taste. It’s taste is often compared to a milder artichoke or white asparagus. It is usually packed in water or brine, is ninety percent water and packed with fiber which makes it a low calorie food choice. This can be eaten raw or cooked.

6. Huevos Rancheros

This breakfast translates to rancher’s eggs and consists of corn tortillas, fried eggs and salsa. 

7. Havarti

Danish cheese is a semi soft cow’s cheese that can be sliced, grilled or melted. Havarti has a creamy body with a mild, buttery aroma and taste, it can range from sweet to slightly acidic depending on how long it has aged. Substitutes for Havarti include Monterey Jack, Colby, Edam and Gouda. 

8. Halloumi

Halloumi, also known as Greek grilling cheese, is a semi-hard, unripened cheese made from a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk. Sometimes it will also contain cow’s milk. It has a high melting point, which makes it great for frying or grilling. Many people use this cheese as a meat substitute. Halloumi is similar to mozzarella with a spongy texture, no rind, and a tangy and salty taste.

9. Hash Browns

Hash browns are a simple dish of finely chopped potatoes that are fried till golden brown, often they will include onions. There are many variations for hash browns including potato pancakes and casseroles.

hash browns with a bite taken out

10. Heavy Cream

This is a thick cream that must contain at least thirty six percent butterfat to be considered heavy cream while whipping cream contains thirty percent fat. Heavy cream is a versatile ingredient that can be used in sweet and savory recipes. Heavy cream should be used when you need something to hold its shape for a long time, while whipping cream produces a lighter, softer texture. Often times in the kitchen we find ourselves without a particular ingredient and need an emergency substitution, out of sour cream; try mixing buttermilk with heavy cream. 

11. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is also known by the French word tisanes. The tea is brewed by combining hot water with dried fruit, flowers, herbs, or spices as opposed to true tea which is brewed from cured tea leaves. Examples of herbal tea include chamomile, peppermint, ginger and hibiscus; these healthy brews contain antioxidants and vitamins.

12. Honeydew

A ripe honeydew is identified by its smooth yellow rind and lack of musky odor. When checking for ripeness, press on the end of the melon opposite the stem end, it should feel slightly soft. Now be prepared to cut it open and enjoy the sweet firm green flesh.

13. Horned Melon

This melon originated in Africa where it is commonly referred to as Kiwano, a horned cucumber. The annual vine is cultivated in New Zealand and bears an orange rind melon with orange spikes. The fruit is not ripe if the rind is hard and green. If you are a fan of smoothies this is the melon for you as the taste is a combination of lime, banana, kiwi and cucumber. The inside flesh ranges in color from lime green to yellow-orange. This fruit is great in fruit salads.

14. Huckleberry

This is a native berry from the Pacific Northwest that is not grown commercially but instead harvested from the wild. The small berries range in color from red, blue and black and can sometimes be bitter. People often confuse the huckleberry with the blueberry with one main difference being the huckleberry has ten large seeds.

15. Ham

Ham is a specific cut of pork, the hind leg of the pig. There are various types of preserving ham; the most common are cured, aged, fresh and cold smoked. Finding a fresh ham, one that has never been cured or processed is difficult because they cannot be stored for long periods in the stores. Cured ham is produced by injecting a fresh ham with a brine of salt, sugar, water and flavoring. Aged ham does not require brine or smoke but is aged through extensive salting and seasoning. Common examples of aged hams are the American country ham, Italian prosciutto, and Spanish serrano. Cold smoked hams are processed in days or weeks. 

Bowl of ham salad.

16. Hummus

Hummus is a creamy Middle Eastern dip that contains superfoods; chickpeas (or garbanzo beans), sesame paste (tahini),  garlic, and olive oil. This flavorful dip can be used as a lower calorie replacement for mayonnaise as a sandwich spread. Hummus is available in many different flavors including avocado, sweet potato, black bean, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, pumpkin and for those with a sweet tooth, chocolate.

bowl of hummus

17. Head Cheese

This is not the ingredient you need for your next grilled cheese sandwich because there is no cheese in the dish. Instead it is made from the cooked head of a pig (sometimes a cow or sheep) until it develops into a savory aspic or gelatin. It can be served cold or at room temperature. The final product has a flavorful bacon-like taste with a tender, silky texture. 

18. Haddock

This resident of the ocean is a saltwater ray-finned fish and a member of the cod family. The Haddock has a mild sweet taste with lean white flesh and medium flakes. Many people think that Haddock has a similar taste to Halibut.

19. Horseradish

Horseradish is a long white perennial root vegetable that is harvested in the spring. It is used as a spice or condiment with a hot spicy taste. Horseradish is most commonly grated into recipes or combined with other ingredients to create a creamy spread. It is a primary ingredient in cocktail sauce

20. Hollandaise Sauce

This sauce is an emulsified mixture of egg yolks, unsalted butter and acid ( usually lemon juice). Hollandaise sauce is considered one of the five original French Mother sauces, meaning it is used as a building sauce for other sauces. A good example of this is Bearnaise Sauce that includes the addition of shallots and tarragon to give it a distinct flavor. Hollandaise is pale yellow, with a smooth and creamy taste, perhaps best known as a key component in Eggs Benedict and Eggs Benedict Casserole.

Breakfast casserole on a plate

21. Hominy

Hominy is derived from corn kernels that have been stripped of their hulls and germ by a caustic agent. Once processed it has a puffed appearance with a meaty chewy texture similar to a bean. It is excellent to use in a gluten free diet. It is sometimes referred to as posole or pozole. 

22. Haupia

Haupia is a traditional Hawaiian coconut pudding dessert that has the consistency of  gelatin or panna cotta, it is often served in squares. It is made from coconut cream and arrowroot ( cornstarch can be substituted for this), and sugar. Many people use this as a topping for their wedding cakes. 

23. Hush Puppies

Hush puppies are a Southern specialty of small savory deep fried round balls of a cornmeal based batter. They are tender and golden brown and usually served as a side dish with seafood. The name originates from stories that hunters and fishermen would fry small pieces of cornmeal batter and toss them to their barking dogs to keep them quiet. 

24. Horchata

This popular drink in many Mexican restaurants is a milky combination of ground rice,water, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. This creamy smooth beverage has a taste similar to rice pudding. The Spanish version uses tiger nuts (a tuber similar to a sweet potato) instead of rice. Throughout Central and South America there are many versions using different nuts to create their own unique recipes for this drink.

25. Hoppin John

This is a southern dish that is made with black eyed peas and rice, seasoned with bacon and onions. Many people believe that it is always to be eaten on New Year’s Day so that one will have prosperity and good luck in the new year. There are variations of this dish in different southern regions but it is usually served with collard greens.

26. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are  fruit of the hazel tree, it is sometimes known as a filbert. This nut has a high fat content so it can become rancid very quickly. It is recommended that you refrigerate the nuts to keep them fresh. Hazelnuts are a main ingredient in the popular Nutella spread and also in Frangelico, an Italian hazelnut liqueur. 

27. Hyacinth Beans

Hyacinth bean vines are a beautiful addition to your garden with violet tinged green leaves. The tender purple immature pods can be eaten raw or cooked like a green bean. Once they are cooked they will lose their purple color and have a stronger taste than green beans. One must be careful not to harvest the mature pods or the dried beans within the pods as they can be toxic.

28. Hamburgers

Hamburgers are a favorite during grilling season and a dish you can find at most restaurant. They are usually made from ground beef that is formed into a patty and then grilled. Hamburgers are delicious served on a bun with toppings like lettuce, cheese and tomato.

29. Hibiscus Tea

This tea is made with dried hibiscus flowers which turn it a gorgeous shade or reddish purple. Served hot or cold, this tea is not only delicious but full of nutrients.

30. Haggis

Haggis originated in Scotland. It’s a savory pudding that’s made from sheep’s heart, lung, liver and stomach combined with spices, fat and oatmeal. Everything is combined and cooked in an animal casing.

31. Hakka noodles

These noodles are made by the Hakka people in China. They are served in soup, stew or used in stir-fries.

32. Hare

Hares are similar to rabbits and are considered a game meat. The meat is very low in fat.

33. Heart cherry

These cherries get their name from their shape. They are bright red, heart shaped and about the size of a normal cherry.

34. Harissa

Harissa is a hot chili paste that is made from roasted red peppers, serrano peppers, spices and olive oil. There are different recipes for harissa depending on what region you are in. It’s typically used as an ingredient for stews and sauces.

35. Habanero pepper

These peppers are hot! So hot that they are considered some of the hottest in the world. When they are ripe, they are red or yellow in color. The heat and flavor of habanero’s make them great to use for hot sauces.

36. Halva

This sweet treat can be found in Asian and the Middle East. The two types of halva are nut-based or flour-based. Halva is usually served as a snack but could also be served as part of a main meal.

37. Hunan Beef

This is a popular Chinese take-out dish. It’s a spicy dish made with thinly sliced steak which is stir fried in a garlic pepper sauce.

38. Hushpuppies

These tasty bites of fried dough are typically made with a cornmeal based batter. Hushpuppies are often served alongside seafood.

39. Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a sweet roll that is made with cinnamon, nutmeg and raisins. They are usually made to celebrate Easter and are decorated with a cross.

40. Honey cakes

Honey cakes are a simple cake made with honey. It’s important to use a high quality honey for the best tasting cake. Serve a slice with a cup of coffee or tea for a real treat.

41. Hass avocados

These avocados are the most readily available in the United States. Hass avocados are grown mostly in California. This variety of avocado has a dark, almost black skin and a bright green flesh. Super rich and creamy, Hass avocados can be used for a wide variety of recipes.

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