How Many ML In A Shot? How Many Ounces In A Shot?

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How many ml in a shot? How many ounces are in a shot? These are questions that you might ask when preparing drinks and cocktail recipes for friends. We are going to answer this question and more about shot glass measurements.

Shot glass with whiskey.


How many ml in a shot?

There are different answers to this question depending on the type of shot glass used but the most common shot size is:

1.5 US fluid ounces = 44 ml = 1 shot

Different countries measure shots in different sizes and while most states define a single shot as 44 ml, the state of Utah defines a shot as 1.5 US fl oz or 44 ml.

CountryFluid OuncesMilliliters
South America.825
United Kingdom.825
United States1.544

What is a shot glass?

A shot glass is a small glass that is used to serve a single drink, or “gulp”, of alcohol. They can be use to serve straight alcohol like tequila or vodka or used for a mix like lemon drop shot, green tea shot, or pineapple upside down cake shot.

The bottom of the shot glass is typically designed to be a bit thicker so that it can be slammed on the table after it has been taken.

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Why is it called a shot glass?

There is no definitive origin to the term “shot glass”. The name has been known to have been used since the 1940’s and thought to have come from the Old West when cowboys would trade alcohol for bullets.

Another thought is that it was named after Friedrich Otto Schott, who co-founded a German glass company.

Shot glass sizes


1 jigger = 1.5 fl ounce

This is a measuring tool to quickly measure alcohol. A jigger measure is typically made with stainless steel and in a hourglass shape with two ends. One end of the jigger glass measures one shot and the opposite end typically measures a double shot.

Jiggers were not designed to use as a drinking glass. They are used as a measuring tool.

Picture of a jigger for shots.


Flute glasses have a distinct fluted shape on the bottom of the glass and are a standard shot glass you might find in bars.


This type of glass has a very thick bottom which creates an illusion that tricks you or “cheats” you into thinking you are getting more alcohol.


A pony shot is small and only holds 1 ounce or 30 ml of alcohol or liquid.


A rounded shot glass has rounded sides.


The tall shot glass is tall and narrow in shape. These are great for a layered shot to show off the different colors of the liquid.

Different shot glass sizes.

How many ounces in a shot

1 shot = 1.5 fl ounces

How many ounces in a double shot

Double shot = 3 fl ounces

In most cases anything over 2 fl ounces is considered a double shot.

How to free pour a shot

If you don’t have something like a jigger to measure a shot, the four-count method is great to use. You might find bartenders using the 4 count method which involves just counting to 4 as you pour.

You can also use measuring spoons to measure a shot.

1 shot = 3 tablespoons

How many shots in a fifth?

Fifth of alcohol = 17 shots = 25.36 ounces = 749.99 ml

How many shots in 750ml?

750ml bottle = 17 shots (for 1.5 ounce shot glass)

How many shots in a pint?

1 pint = 8 shots ( for 1.5 ounce shot glass)

More conversions


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