30 Best Mini Waffle Maker Recipes

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Waffles are among people’s favorite breakfast food items –– they’re fluffy, crispy, and so easy to personalize with any of your favorite toppings! Mini waffles have all the same beloved qualities that regular waffles do, but their tiny size makes them even more adorable. Here are some of our favorite mini waffle maker recipes that are just as fun as they are delicious.

Cinnamon roll waffle, cornbread waffle, tater tot waffle.


Mini Waffle Maker Recipe Ideas

Not only are mini waffle makers fun, but they’re also so easy to use and require minimal cleanup.

Our collection of mini waffle maker recipes features a number of quick and easy ideas that use just a few simple ingredients.

The recipes in this list range from sweet to savory, and healthy to indulgent — and not all of them are even waffles! For breakfast, snack, or dessert, whatever you make is sure to be a treat!

1. Mini Waffles Recipe

Mini waffles are the perfect breakfast treat. Be sure to top off your waffles with fresh fruit, syrup, or your other favorite toppings to make the meal complete.


2. Keto Chaffles

Made with just cheese and eggs, these 2-ingredient chaffles are so easy to whip up on a busy day. They’re perfectly crunchy, cheesy, and fluffy all at once, and with only 1 net carb, they’re also keto-friendly!

3. Mini Cinnamon Roll Waffles

You can take a tube of refrigerated cinnamon rolls to the next level with a mini waffle maker. Simply flatten your cinnamon rolls, drizzle with some delicious icing, and enjoy!

4. Tater Tot Waffles

Just when we thought tater tots couldn’t get any better, these crispy golden potatoes made in a mini waffle maker captured our attention. We’re a huge fan of this potato recipe because of how easy it is to customize with different seasonings.

5. Hash Brown Waffles

Crispy hash browns are a breakfast staple! Place some frozen or refrigerated hash browns in the waffle maker until they’ve reached a beautiful golden brown color. You can even add cheese or seasoning to give it some extra flavor.

6. Apple Fritter Waffles

Here’s a sweet and satisfying recipe idea that’s perfect for a snack or dessert! These apple fritter waffle donuts are best served warm and will pair incredibly well with a cup of coffee.

7. Confetti Waffle Cookies

How cute are these rainbow confetti waffle cookies?! This is one of our favorite mini waffle maker recipes because it brings waffles and cookies together in such a fun and creative way.

8. Chocolate Chip Waffles

A classic waffle recipe that never disappoints is chocolate chip waffles. Mini chocolate chips are ideal for this recipe since they won’t sink in the batter. Best of all, they’ll give every bite just the right amount of chocolatey goodness. 

9. Mini Waffle Donuts

Ready in only 15 minutes, mini waffle donuts are so easy to make and guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. The scrumptious cinnamon sugar coating will melt in your mouth as you take a bite.

10. Cinnamon Sugar Waffles

This churro-inspired recipe is one of our favorite mini waffle maker recipes and requires only 5 simple ingredients total! Once you’ve tossed your waffles in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, enjoy them with fresh fruit or whipped cream.

11. Chocolate Waffle Cookies

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with these incredible chocolate waffle cookies. We love how this easy recipe takes a unique approach to cookies, making them in a waffle maker rather than an oven!

12. Sweet Potato Waffles

We’re huge fans of sweet potatoes because of how tasty, versatile, and nutritious they are. You can add a unique flavor to this simple 2-ingredient waffle recipe by mixing in some cinnamon and vanilla. 

13. Green Yogurt Waffles

Greek yogurt waffles are a delicious low-calorie breakfast and can be made in less than 20 minutes from start to finish! Since this recipe also freezes incredibly well, it’s great for easy meal prep.

14. Pumpkin Spice Waffles

Enjoy a taste of Fall with these delightful pumpkin spice waffles. This is one of our favorite mini waffle maker recipes because of how flavorful it is, oozing with comfort and nostalgia in every bite.

15. Waffle Iron Apples

Here’s a creative way to serve apples! Pressing apples in a mini waffle maker make for a treat that’s warm, chewy, soft, and comforting. Cinnamon and sugar are optional additions but add a wonderful flavor if you choose to include them. Try topping with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a tasty dessert.

16. Zucchini Waffles

Packed with cheese and veggies, this easy low-carb recipe is savory, healthy, and delicious! This easy recipe is made with simple ingredients and can be enjoyed with a heaping scoop of sour cream to take it to the next level.

17. Cornbread Waffles

Cornbread is truly a comfort food, and it’s even more fun in waffle form! Enjoy these soft and sweet waffles for breakfast, or as a side during your next summer barbecue. 

18. Funfetti Waffles

Add a splash of color to your day with adorable Funfetti waffles! Bursting with rainbow sprinkles, these waffles are sure to make you smile and are perfect for a celebratory birthday breakfast. Enjoy with fresh fruit and whipped cream! 

19. Banana Oatmeal Waffles

These banana oatmeal waffles are not only healthy but also filling! Prepare them in advance and simply heat them up for busy days when you’re on the go. This is one of the best mini waffle maker recipes, because kids will love these waffles too!

20. Breakfast Chaffles

When it comes to breakfast, chaffles are a great substitution for regular bread or waffles. This simple chaffles recipe takes only 5 minutes to prepare. Serve with a side of eggs and bacon for a complete and hearty breakfast!

21. Tuna Cakes

Packed with protein and flavor, these tuna cakes are perfectly crispy and so easy to prepare in advance and reheat. This incredible waffle-inspired recipe gets its delicious flavor from crushed pork rinds, lemon, and simple seasonings.

22. Tuna Melt Chaffle

Here’s a tuna melt chaffle recipe that will keep your stomach full and your taste buds happy. This high-protein and low-carb meal is keto-friendly, savory, and so comforting too.

23. Oreo Chaffles

This easy recipe is a chocolate lover’s dream. A twist on your classic chaffle, Oreo chaffles are made with cheese, egg, and cocoa powder. Add a layer of vanilla frosting between two of these chaffles, and you’ll have a rich, creamy treat.

24. Pizza Chaffle

You can make your own mini pizzas with this savory, comforting pizza chaffle recipe. This low-carb recipe made from cheese and eggs is easy to make and keto-approved. Dip your chaffles in warm marinara and enjoy!

25. Peanut Butter And Jelly Waffles

Peanut butter waffles topped with jelly is the perfect snack, lunch, or dessert. Peanut butter is mixed into the waffle batter to make a flavorful dish. Top with your favorite jelly like strawberry, grape, or raspberry.

26. Garlic Bread Chaffles

Garlic cheese chaffles are so good for an appetizer or side dish. Try serving with a side of marinara sauce for dipping.

27. Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

Serve this recipe for breakfast or dessert, this strawberry shortcake recipe is easy and so delicious. Fluffy waffles are made with buttermilk and topped with cream and sliced fresh strawberries.

28. Waffle Omelet

Did you know you can make eggs in a waffle maker? This recipe is super simple and a fun, protein packed breakfast for even the pickiest of eaters.

29. Mashed Potato Waffles

Mashed potatoes, cheese, and chives come together to make this perfect side dish or appetizer. A wonderful way to use up leftover mashed potatoes.

30. Mac And Cheese Waffles

Use up your leftover macaroni and cheese by making it into waffles. Such a fun idea that kids are sure to love.

Need a mini waffle maker? I use this Dash mini waffle maker that comes in many different colors.

Which one of these waffle recipes will you be trying first?

More easy breakfast recipes

Cinnamon roll waffle, cornbread waffle, tater tot waffle.
5 from 1 vote

Best Mini Waffle Maker Recipes

By Heather
A collection of delicious recipes that can be made in a mini waffle maker. From classic waffles, omelets, and even mashed potato waffles.
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 35 minutes
Servings: 8 waffles


  • 1 mini waffle maker


  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted


  • Preheat the waffle maker.
  • Whisk together flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk together egg, vanilla, milk, and melted butter. Stir in the dry ingredients mixture.
  • Spray the waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray. Pour in batter and cook for 4-5 minutes or until cooked through.


Calories: 112kcal | Carbohydrates: 15g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Trans Fat: 0.1g | Cholesterol: 31mg | Sodium: 77mg | Potassium: 161mg | Fiber: 0.4g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 154IU | Calcium: 78mg | Iron: 1mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
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