27 Best Bisquick Recipes

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Bisquick mix is about to be your new best friend. This favorite baking mix is usually used for pancakes or biscuits, but Bisquick mix can be used for much more. We are sharing 27 of the best Bisquick recipes around.

Breakfast casserole, chicken tenders, pizza, and piece of quiche on plate.


This versatile mix is a busy parent’s best friend. There are endless culinary creations that can be made with this box of wonder. 

Using this wondrous mix cuts baking time in half for many popular recipes. It is great for casseroles, cookies, bread, pot pies, and more. 

We have rounded up our favorite Bisquick mix recipes, many of which are on repeat in our house. The ease and simplicity of the recipes are a time saver, yet they are still flavorful delicious meals. 

Read through to find a new favorite recipe, and let us know which ones you enjoy the most. 

1. Bisquick Waffles

Waffles feel like a luxurious breakfast on a slow morning, but with Bisquick mix, you can enjoy them every morning. This easy recipe makes crispy, fluffy waffles to fill your belly in 10 minutes. No need to wait for the weekend to enjoy this delicious breakfast treat. 

2. Bisquick Pizza Crust

Pizza night is always a good night. Using Bisquick mix to make your pizza crust is a fast and easy way to get the perfect crust every time. Add your favorite pizza toppings, and you’ve got incredible homemade pizzas in under 30 minutes. This makes for a fun and quick dinner any night of the week. 

3. Bisquick Dumplings

Dumplings are exquisite and tasty. They are great to add to your soups or stews, and this recipe only takes 2 ingredients. You can add different herbs if you like or enjoy them as-is. Light, fluffy, and soft, these dumplings are the perfect addition to your favorite bowl of soup. 

4. Bisquick Quiche

Quiche is one of those foods that feels fancy and sophisticated. The great thing is that when using Bisquick mix, you can enjoy this refined dish in less than an hour. Use this recipe as is or as a base to add your favorite ingredients. Either way, it’s a fabulous dish that tastes great and always impresses. 

5. Pumpkin Cheesecake

Using Bisquick mix in a pumpkin cheesecake is pure genius. This wonderfully exquisite dessert whips up in less than 45 minutes and is pure joy. The Bisquick is mixed into the filling for a crustless dessert that is silky smooth and satisfying. Skip the pumpkin pie and make this pleasurable dessert for your next holiday gathering.

6. Bisquick Sausage Balls

These Bisquick sausage balls make great appetizers and snacks. Great for game days, parties, or meal prep for the week, they are always a ball of deliciousness. It takes 5 simple ingredients and 40 minutes to make these tasty sausage balls that are little bites of heaven. 

7. Bisquick Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are so good I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love them. Use Bisquick mix to make homemade cinnamon rolls that are ready in under 30 minutes. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Follow this easy recipe and enjoy decadent, ooey-gooey, mouth watering cinnamon rolls. 

8. Bisquick Pancakes

These Bisquick pancakes are light, airy, and oh-so-good. They are simple and quick to whip up, making them great for any morning of the week. Top them with your favorite maple syrup and enjoy these melt-in-your-mouth sublime pancakes.

9. Biscuits

Who doesn’t love a warm, homemade biscuit? Whether it’s for breakfast or dinner, this recipe makes incredible, soft, tasty biscuits. The best part is that these delightful biscuits are ready in 20 minutes. They are just like grandma used to make, in a fraction of the time. 

10. Bisquick Chicken Pot Pie

If you love comfort food, you will love this amazing, easy recipe. Chicken pot pie is one of those recipes that feels like love in a dish. Bisquick mix is made into a dough and is the topping to savory chicken and tender mixed veggies. The sweet, flaky crust is the perfect complement to the creamy chicken and veggies. The best part is that it takes 40 minutes to create. 

11. Bisquick Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes, Bisquick mix can be used to make cookies too! Not just any cookie either. Delicious, decadent, ooey-gooey, amazing chocolate chip cookies. This simple recipe uses a few ingredients and creates perfect cookies every time. 

12. Bisquick Banana Bread

Banana bread is a comforting, fun, and tasty treat. Using overripe bananas and Bisquick mix with a handful of ingredients makes moist, sweet, and delicious banana bread. This simple recipe takes a few minutes to make and then bakes in the oven for 45 minutes. Enjoy as a snack or with breakfast. 

13. Bisquick Coffee Cake

Homemade coffee cake is a decadent treat. Whether you enjoy it with coffee in the morning for breakfast or as a dessert after dinner, it always hits the spot. Using Bisquick mix makes for the homemade, comforting taste like grandma used to make. This recipe whips up in 30 minutes and is a treat not to be missed. 

14. Bisquick Blueberry Muffins

These blueberry muffins are an absolute must-try. Bisquick mix, fresh blueberries, and a streusel topping combine for dynamite muffins. Great for snacks, breakfast, or dessert, they are a tasty treat. 

15. Bisquick Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast casseroles are a classic family favorite and great for crowds. Adding Bisquick mix helps keep everything together and adds a nice texture to the dish. Using sausage, eggs, milk, cheese, and Bisquick, this easy casserole comes together in 30 minutes. It’s savory, tasty, and an all-around quality breakfast. 

16. Bisquick Chicken Nuggets

Skip the drive-thru and make homemade chicken nuggets tonight. Using Bisquick mix is so easy to create flawless crispy nuggets. Perfectly seasoned and baked, you and your kids will jump for joy at how incredibly good these are. 

17. John Wayne Casserole

Who doesn’t love a good casserole? The one-dish wonder is as classic as they come. John Wayne casserole is a flavorful and unique blend of goodness. It has ground beef, cheese, taco flavors, veggies, and Bisquick mix. It’s a masterful mash-up of deliciousness not to be missed. 

18. Bisquick Chicken Tenders

Just like chicken nuggets, you can enjoy chicken tenders utilizing Bisquick mix. Cook them in an airy fryer or oven and enjoy crunchy, juicy, chicken tenders. They make great dinners, appetizers, or snacks. Grab your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy these finger-licking good tenders.

19. Bisquick Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is a classic dessert that everyone loves. Fresh strawberries are mixed with sugar and piled onto a Bisquick shortbread. Then they are topped with whipped cream. It is a fresh, sweet, and light dessert that is easy to make. This homemade version is sure to impress.

20. Bisquick Cornbread

Homemade cornbread has never been easier to make with this delicious recipe. Cornbread is a wonderful complement to many meals and makes a great snack. This easy recipe makes light, fluffy, and sweet cornbread so good that you can’t eat just one piece! 

21. Bisquick Peach Cobbler

Peach cobbler is an old-fashioned, down-home dessert. It’s one of those desserts that just tastes like summer and love in a bowl. The ultimate comfort dessert, this recipe is a quintessential favorite. It’s sweet, tangy, and an absolute delight. 

22. Bacon Cheddar Biscuits

Bite-sized biscuits are a fun addition to any meal and make delicious appetizers too. Great with eggs in the morning, a flavorful addition to dinner, or on a party platter, they never disappoint. These bacon cheddar biscuits whip up in less than 25 minutes and are packed full of flavor. Soft, fluffy, savory, and tasty, this is a recipe that is enjoyed regularly. 

23. Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies

24. Bisquick Zucchini Pie

The wonderful thing about summer produce is all of the amazing ways you can utilize them in your cooking. This zucchini pie is a fresh take on a veggie pie that packs a flavor punch.

Bisquick mix, eggs, cheeses, zucchini, and seasonings combine for an unforgettable veggie pie. Enjoy this as a side dish, or enjoy it on its own. Either way, it is a scrumptious dish. 

25. Bisquick Chocolate Chip Muffins

These muffins are a delectable treat that can be enjoyed as a dessert or snack. They are simple to prepare and are ready in 23 minutes. Using Bisquick baking mix with chocolate chips and a handful of ingredients makes this one of the easiest recipes to create. Sweet, fluffy, soft, and delightful, they will certainly be in your cooking rotation. 

26. Bisquick Chicken Casserole

Bisquick chicken casserole is a quick, easy, and scrumptious meal all made in under an hour. This one-dish wonder is full of divine flavors. Succulent chicken, creamy alfredo sauce, ripe tomatoes, leafy spinach, and Bisquick mix combine to create this simple yet satisfying meal.  

27. Bisquick Cheeseburger Pie

Cheeseburger pie is a heavenly blend of delicious cheeseburger flavors in the form of a pie. Similar to a casserole, this one-pot meal is hearty, flavorful, and comfort food at its best. It comes together in under an hour, making it great for weeknight dinners, especially during the colder months. This dish is a favorite with the kiddos and adults alike. 

Homemade Bisquick

Don’t have a box of baking mix, you can make your own at home. This will make about 3 cups. Use all purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and cold butter.

Refer to the recipe below for ingredient measurements.

Breakfast casserole, chicken tenders, pizza, and piece of quiche on plate.
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27 Best Bisquick Recipes

By Heather
These Bisquick recipes will have you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Easy to make recipes with the help of Bisquick mix. You can also use this homemade version of Bisquick below.
Prep: 5 minutes
Total: 2 minutes
Servings: 3 cups


  • 2 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter cold


  • Mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
  • Use a fork to cut in the butter until it's all combined.
  • Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


Calories: 674kcal | Carbohydrates: 87g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 32g | Saturated Fat: 20g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 8g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 81mg | Sodium: 207mg | Potassium: 929mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 945IU | Calcium: 371mg | Iron: 5mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
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