25 Delicious Bay Scallop Recipes To Make

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If you’re a seafood lover, you’re likely familiar with bay scallops. They are incredibly versatile and delicious and can be used to make so many incredible recipes. We love that there are endless ways to prepare tender bay scallops: baking, searing, frying, sautéing, and more! We have gathered some of the tastiest bay scallop recipes that will be an absolute treat on your table.

Plate of cooked bay scallops and vegetables.


Difference between bay scallops and sea scallops

Bay scallops and large sea scallops are the two most popular types of scallops that you’ll find in stores. Both are used for cooking but have some key differences that set them apart.

The main difference is their size: bay scallops are much smaller sea scallops. They also differ in flavor and texture, with bay scallops being slightly sweeter and more tender.

In terms of cost, sea scallops tend to be more expensive, so bay scallops are a great affordable option that will be just as tasty!

This list of recipes features some of the best bay scallop dishes that are easy to make at home. Whether you serve your scallops as an appetizer or main entree, any one of these recipes is sure to satisfy your seafood cravings.

1. Seared Bay Scallops

Seared scallops make a great party appetizer and are so easy to make in just a few minutes. This scallop recipe gets its flavor from the combination of olive oil, butter, and shallots. A squeeze of lemon juice brightens the flavor, and you can also add parsley as a garnish to finish it off.

Each side of the scallops should be cooked for 1-2 minutes. Be sure to avoid overcrowding the pan, that way all of the scallops can brown and cook evenly.

2. Sautéed Bay Scallops

Lemon, garlic, and butter give these sauteed scallops a rich and delightful flavor. Adding white wine to the sauce is optional but will enhance the taste of the dish even more. This recipe comes together in just 10 minutes.

Made in a single skillet with just a handful of simple ingredients, sauteed scallops are incredibly easy to prepare. To achieve the best taste and texture, there are some helpful tips for cooking bay scallops: rinse and pat dry before cooking, and be sure to not overcook them.


3. Bay Scallop Po’ Boy

This classic New Orleans sandwich is so easy to recreate at home! The combination of breaded scallops and homemade spicy mayo makes this recipe so satisfying. Start by spreading your spicy mayo on top of your buns, followed by lettuce and scallops. Po Boy sandwiches are best served fresh alongside lemon wedges.

Want to add some extra spice to your sandwich? You can control the heat level of the spicy mayo by adding more or less hot sauce, depending on your personal preference.

4. Bay Scallops Casserole

One of the most comforting bay scallop recipes is this buttery scallop casserole. Made with tender bay scallops, plus a panko topping that’s perfectly buttery, lemony, and crispy, this casserole is sure to satisfy the whole family. 

Cook the garlic butter and citrusy panko on the stovetop, then spoon both over a large pan of scallops or individual ramekins. Everything bakes together in the best way, and this recipe is so easy to prepare, taking only 15 minutes total from start to finish.

5. Bay Scallop Gratin

Tossed in lemon zest, garlic butter, white wine, and breadcrumbs, this bay scallop gratin recipe will practically melt in your mouth. Broiling this dish at the end of its baking time will turn the recipe bubbly and browned.

These scallops will taste incredible served on top of toasted baguette slices. The bread will not only be the perfect base to hold the ingredients but also help soak up the lemon and garlic sauce.

6. Broiled Scallops

Broiled scallops are a treat that can be served for any occasion, whether that be a special event or any regular weeknight dinner. While this recipe tastes fancy, it’s actually a simple dish and so easy to make and only requires four ingredients: garlic salt, scallops, lemon juice, and butter.

Enjoy these on their own or add them to a pasta, salad, or rice dish. You can serve this recipe fresh, or freeze the cooked scallops for up to three months if you want to eat them as leftovers.

7. Coquille St. Jacques

Here’s a classic French dish that’s one of the most satisfying bay scallop recipes. Coquille St. Jacques is made with tender bay scallops and shrimp, mushrooms, and a rich gruyere and white wine sauce. It’s also topped with buttery breadcrumbs that turn golden once broiled. 

Perfectly creamy and cheesy, this recipe is the ultimate comfort food. Best of all, it only takes about half an hour to prepare, making it a great meal that tastes fancy but is actually so simple to make.

8. Fried Scallops

These fried scallops have a crispy exterior and a tender interior, making them a phenomenal snack or appetizer that everyone will enjoy. Seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika, these scallops are breaded and fried in oil until they reach crispy golden perfection.

Bite-sized and perfectly snackable, fried scallops are like the seafood version of popcorn chicken! Serve your scallops with a side of tartar sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon to take them to the next level.

9. Bay Scallop Chowder

Creamy chowder is a hearty meal that will warm you right up. Loaded with potatoes, veggies, scallops, and bacon bits, this chowder is packed with plenty of satisfying ingredients. Sweet corn is an optional ingredient but will surely add more texture and flavor to the dish.

This chowder is one of the most comforting bay scallop recipes. A delicious meal that everyone is sure to enjoy.

10. Bay Scallop Pasta

A twist on traditional spaghetti, bay scallop pasta is a unique and tasty dish that is packed with so much flavor. The secret to making the perfect homemade pasta sauce is combining whole peeled tomatoes, butter, and onions. Adding butter to the sauce will not only enhance the flavor but also result in a rich and velvety texture.

The scallops that go on top are seasoned with panko and parmesan and broiled until crispy. You can add more parmesan cheese as a garnish if desired.

11. Scallops With Lemon And Garlic

Add a splash of color to your table with these easy lemon garlic scallops. This simple scallop recipe is made with a lemon garlic sauce that includes red pepper flakes, parsley, lemon zest, capers, garlic, roasted red peppers, and bread crumbs.

Broling your scallops will give them a beautiful golden crust, but be careful not to overcook them — too much heat could burn them or turn them rubbery. These scallops will taste delicious on their own served as an appetizer, but are also phenomenal with angel hair pasta or rice.

12. Seafood Stuffed Shells

One of the most incredible bay scallop recipes is seafood stuffed shells. It’s the perfect meal for special occasions or any weekend family dinner, and while it takes a bit of time to prepare, it’s certainly worth the effort.

These jumbo pasta shells are filled with three different kinds of shellfish and smothered in a creamy bechamel sauce. Topped with bread crumbs that turn golden in the oven, this recipe has a delightful texture in every bite.

13. Creamy Seafood Pasta

We love seafood pasta recipes, and this creamy pasta with scallops and shrimp is no exception. Linguine or fettuccine noodles are the best types of pasta to use for this recipe. 

The combination of milk, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese makes this recipe perfectly creamy and cheesy in every bite. Baby spinach and sundried tomatoes will also add extra flavor and a splash of color.

14. Seafood Enchiladas

Flour tortillas, vegetables, cheese, and seafood come together to create the best seafood enchiladas ever. These creamy cheesy enchiladas contain tender bay scallops, shrimp, and crab, and are covered with a bold green enchilada sauce before being topped with even more cheese.

After baking until golden and bubbly, add your favorite toppings and enjoy! Some of the best toppings to add to this meal include sour cream, tomatoes, avocado, and green onions.

15. Cheesy Scallops

Baked cheesy scallops are one of the simplest bay scallop recipes and are sure to be loved on any occasion. This recipe takes only 5 minutes to prepare before popping it in the oven and is on the table in under 20 minutes total. 

The combination of parmesan cheese, panko bread crumbs, lemon, butter, and paprika gives this dish an amazing flavor. Garnish with parsley to add an extra bit of freshness as well as a splash of color.

16. Bay Scallop Ceviche

This flavorful ceviche recipe is packed with fresh ingredients including scallops, avocado, onions, and peppers. Lime juice and cilantro combine to balance out and enhance the flavors even more. 

Serve your ceviche mixture with tostadas, black pepper for garnish, and your hot sauce of choice. You can enjoy this recipe as either a light dinner or as an appetizer or snack.

17. Scallop Risotto

Made with spring vegetables and tender bay scallops, this creamy risotto is easy to make and is packed with so many nutrients. 

Short-grain arborio rice is the best type of rice to use for any risotto recipe. As it softens, it will naturally soak up all of the flavors from the stock and seasonings, resulting in a rich and creamy dish. 

18. Bay Scallops And Linguine

Creamy garlic linguine and tender bay scallops are an unmatched combination. Topped with basil, parmesan cheese, and lemon zest, this recipe is light and refreshing while also being so satisfying and filling. Using fresh basil and freshly shredded parmesan cheese instead of the respective dried and canned versions will give you the best results.

While this recipe will taste phenomenal on its own, you can also pair it with a side salad or a serving of crusty bread to make the meal more complete. 

19. Shrimp And Bay Scallops Recipe

An amazing seafood recipe made with shrimp, scallops, and cannellini beans. This simple recipe is made with just a few ingredient but is packed full of flavor. Try serving with a side of garlic bread.

20. Fettuccini Alfredo With Scallops

A classic fettuccini dish that is upgraded with the help of scallops. This dish is easy enough for a weeknight meal but delicious enough for a special occasion.

21. Bay Scallops With Asparagus

Tender crisp asparagus is prepared with bay scallops and pasta. A surprisingly light and easy dish to make. A great recipe for Spring!

22. Bay Scallops With Garlic

One of our favorite ways to prepare scallops is with garlic. The flavors really pop in this recipe.

23. Bay Scallop Tacos

Substitute the typical beef or chicken in your taco with tender scallops. Served with a sweet mango salsa, this is sure to be a hit with the family.

24. Bay Scallops With Pesto

Pesto sauce is a great addition to this seafood pasta. Fresh scallops are tossed with pasta and pesto sauce to make an unforgettable meal.

25. Bay Scallop Stir Fry

Easy bay scallop recipe made with vegetables and a delicious stir fry sauce. Try serving with a side of rice, pasta, or cauliflower rice for a full meal.

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